artless is a global branding agency
that uses an art & design-based approach.


artless Inc.

shibuya, tokyo
(head office / branding agency)
shibuya property tower 13F, 1-32-12 higashi,
shibuya-ku, tokyo 150-0011 japan.
phone +81-3-6434-1345
overseas representative offices
パリ paris 6 cité des trois bornes, 75011, france
  • art direction + designshun kawakami, artless
  • progamingadrien dufond, artless interactive
  • musicjemapure
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(design studio & bed)
72 yumiya-cho, higashiyama-ku,
kyoto 605-0817 japan.
メルボルン melbourne 5/25 easey street, collingwood, victoria, 3066, australia
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harajuku, tokyo
(architects & coffee stand)
3-21-16, jingumae, shibuya-ku,
tokyo 150-0001 japan.

artless craft tea & coffee

branding + management + spatial design

scope of works

logo + visual identity
spatial design
graphic design
package design
sound design
web design

artless craft tea & coffee

branding + management + spatial design

scope of works

logo + visual identity
spatial design
graphic design
package design
sound design
web design

about project

artless craft tea & coffee is a coffee stand produced, designed, and
managedby artless Inc. Located in the beating heart of Harajuku,
the stand doubles as our second office in Tokyo.

With a focus on the word craft, we provide single origin coffees from small
independent farms, known as micro-lots or micro-mills. From the illustrious
lives of the farmers to the manufacturing and distributing process,
each coffee has a unique story to tell. Through a carefully calibrated hand
dripping process, we deliver these stories one cup at a time.

Our roasted Japanese teas are brewed using organic and pesticide-free
tea leaves, harvested by hand in small-scale farms. The tea leaves are
delicately roasted and prepared in a Tokoname ware tea pot made by
some of the finest craftsman in Japan. Every care is made to ensure that
the essence of the leaves are distilled in every single drop.

In addition, we provide an option of adding fresh organic milk to soften
and further enrich the coffee or tea.

Designed as a modern take on the Japanese tea room, the space uses
untreated larch plywood(sheet material manufactured from thin layers of
wood), often used in architecture, as a key design element.
With a small furnace for the tea-kettle cut out of the counter-top
(a five meter wide slab of metal), the space embodies the uniquely
Japanese notions of wabisabi and incomplete beauty,
while articulating a refined modern aesthetic.

From the tea strainer by Kanaami-tsuji Kyoto, to the tea canister by
Kaikaido, Asahiyaki teapot from Uji, and Hakuraku vases by Ogawa
Hirotsugu (eldest son of Ogawa Chouraku); an equal amount of care
was taken in the selection of the tools with a focus on honouring the
ever-evolving handicrafts of Japan.

The minimalist ambient music plays a key role in crafting the refined
atmosphere of the space. In collaboration with sound artists, we have
designed a dedicated soundtrack that compliments and builds upon the
identity of our brand.

Much like the finest tea rooms, we take great care in ensuring that every
detail, from the tools used by the baristas to the intangible ambience,
is designed to create a singular space. artless craft tea & coffee aims
to synthesise the unique aesthetics of Japan, with the emerging trend of
artisanal crafted goods.
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artless craft tea & coffee は、artless Inc.がトータルプロデュース・運営する、オフィスを併設した東京・裏原宿のコーヒースタンドです。




使用する道具も、京都 金網辻の茶こし、開化堂の茶筒、宇治/朝日焼の急須、樂焼/三代目小川長樂の長男・小川裕嗣氏の白樂の茶碗や花器など、進化し続ける日本の伝統工芸品。店内に流れるBGMは、ブランドコンセプトに沿ったミニマルで上質なサウンド。音楽も空間デザインの一つの要素として、音楽家とのコラボレーションによるオリジナルのサウンドデザインを行いました。

artless craft tea & coffee は、茶道のように道具や空間の気配にまで細部へのこだわりと配慮を大切にしています。日本の独自の美意識を再解釈し、現代のトレンドやサードウェーブとの融合を模索する新しいスタイルのブランドです。

starbucks | q-front shibuya

art installation

scope of works

concept design
art direction

installation design
graphic design

starbucks | q-front shibuya

art installation

scope of works

art direction
concept design
installation design
graphic design

about project

We had the great pleasure of designing a mural for Starbucks Q-front;
a popular attraction unto itself, located in the prime location of
Shibuya and overlooking the busiest crossing in the world.

We depicted the ‘Coffee Belt’, an imaginary band that stretches
around the world that encompasses major coffee growing areas; as a
semi-three dimensional map using carefully arranged cubes of wood
of varying sizes and colors. A mosaic of pixels, representing the
cutting edge digital scene of Shibuya, expresses the fabric patterns
that are originated in the coffee producing regions.

Through our design, our aim was to create a warm atmosphere that
would envelope customers as they make their purchase on the first
floor and then on the second floor, take a leisurely sip of their coffee
as they watch the hustle and bustle of the city below.
We believe Starbuck’s hospitable spirit and our design philosophy
was conveyed through the use of wood and handwritten text and other
meticulously thought out details.

We are extremely proud and delighted that we were able to contribute
our design to an iconic Starbucks store; visited by millions, locally and
from abroad. It would be our pleasure if you drop by whenever you
visit Shibuya.

Lastly, we would like to extend our gratitude to the many who
supported us and helped bring our vision to reality.

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世界的に人気のある東京の観光スポット渋谷の一番目立つ場所にある渋谷Q-frontのスターバックスコーヒーSHIBUYA TSUTAYA店の壁面アートをデザインしました。





hotel risveglio akasaka

branding + sign design + art

scope of works

branding :
logo + visual identity
design guidelines

original typeface

art + installation
artist curation

graphic design
packaging design
application design
web design
ui / room concierge tablet

brand communication :
advertising + pr
brand compliance support
photo shooting

hotel risveglio akasaka

branding + sign design + art

scope of works

branding :
logo + visual identity
design guidelines

original typeface

art + installation
artist curation

graphic design
packaging design
application design
web design
ui / room concierge tablet

brand communication :
advertising + pr
brand compliance support
photo shooting

about project

In this project, our task was to create a brand identity for "Hotel
Risveglio Aksaka," a hotel that was newly opening in Akasaka, Tokyo,
Japan, in December 2015. Mainly targeting business travellers, the
project initially started off as a simple and straight-forward hotel. We
tried to steer the hotel into a chic yet playful space filled with design
ideas and details, that guests are able to experience as small
discoveries during their stay.

solution & cultural context

The name of the hotel, ‘Risveglio,’ meaning 'awakening' in Italian, is the
very concept the identity stands for. Implying the 'awakening state', we
created a logo made of unfinished letters, and a complete set of
alphabets. The custom typeface which we call ‘Risveglio’, is used
throughout the identity on collaterals, signages and so on.
The incompletion suggests growth, possibility and unexpectedness -
through this identity we aim to awaken the guests’ senses.

brand history

As a newly opening hotel then, we had the opportunity to create the
brand from scratch. Given that the location is known as a hub for
corporate travellers, we worked on a branding that is matured yet
approachable, targeted mainly towards working young adults.

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2015年12月、東京 / 赤坂にオープンしたデザインホテル 「Hotel Resveglio Akasaka」のブランディングを行いました。





setouchi aonagi

branding + sign system

scope of works

branding :
design consulting
logo + visual identity

graphic design
packaging design
application design
web design
ui / room concierge tablet

brand communication :
brand compliance support
photo shooting

setouchi aonagi

branding + sign system

scope of works

branding :
logo + visual identity
sign system

graphic design
packaging design
application design
web design
ui / room concierge tablet

brand communication :
brand compliance support
photo & video shooting

about project

Overlooking the incomparable view of the Setouchi Inland Sea,
“Setouchi Aonagi” is a small luxury hotel that enjoys the matching of
Tadao Ando’s architecture design with the one-of-a-kind location the
structure is nested at.

Filled with the generous use of spaces, the Ando architecture
presents seven guestrooms. Limited to be used by the guests only, the
hotel offers spacious outdoor and indoor swimming pools, jacuzzi and
sauna. The therapists at “ALL THAT SPA SETOUCHI” would relieve
you of all stress with their domestically produced, all-natural
treatments. Neighbouring the hotel is the well-known “Elleair Golf
Club Matsuyama.” The rich array of facilities and services is brought
together to cater for various interests.

Our identity design for Setouchi Retreat Aonagi involved graphic
works such as: logo design, sign system, pamphlet, stationeries and
other operational items. Also tasked were website design and
communication design for PR purposes. For the wide-ranged
assignments, we provided an integrated consulting service to best
shape the brand.

The coastline of the Setouchi Inland Sea, viewed from the hotel, is the
scenery that lives up to the acclaim of the everlasting beauty. The
logomark is our abstract interpretation of the coastline that symbolises
the hotel and its accommodation experience.

We regard this hotel as the combination of modern architecture and
contemporary art that has its roots in the surrounding nature,
sceneries and culture. With this idea in mind, we drew the whole
design work to project the integrated aesthetics that pair quality with

“Setouchi Aonagi” is a branding project for the hotel guests to indulge
in the experience of staying at “the Ando architecture nested in the
nature of Setouchi."
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安藤忠雄氏設計による贅沢な客室は、全7室。ゲスト限定の広々とした屋外・屋内プール、ジャグジー、サウナ。 ゲストの心身を癒す、ホテルスパ「ALL THAT SPA SETOUCHI」での国産植物の天然成分を使用したトリートメント。隣接する名門ゴルフ場「エリエールゴルフクラブ松山」。充実した施設とサービスは幅広い用途でご利用いただけます。





between art and design

art book by shun kawakami

scope of works

exhibition design
editorial design

between art and design

art book by shun kawakami

scope of works

exhibition design
editorial design

about project

Shun Kawakami(artist/conductor of design/representative of artless Inc.),
is proud to announce the publication of the artist’s first collected works,
between art and design on June 17th(Friday).

As the head of branding agency artless Inc., Shun Kawakami has made a
mark in multiple fields including branding, web design, film, exhibition
design, product, architecture, interior design, signage, and spatial design;
combining design with an art based approach.
While working on projects in Japan and abroad, he also has had a
successful career as an artist, known for his distinctive style and approach
to art and design.

While taking cues from traditional Japanese aesthetics, best exemplified by
‘ma’ or ‘empty space’, Shun Kawakami has adopted the modern technique
of ‘graphic collage’, merging elements of photography and drawing to
create a unique synthesis of traditional and modern art. Throughout his
body of work, he explores the theme of ‘a recursion to Japanese aesthetics,
and a synthesis of design and technology’ to pursue a ‘state of beauty’
and a ‘singular expression.’
The book feature works that were exhibited at GYRE; Omotesando,
tokyo in 2012.
between art and design will immerse readers into the works of
Shun Kawakami, where multiple disciplines are traversed and
art and design is synthesised to create something wholly
original and singular.


W Inc. Takeshi Gonnokami TEL : 03-6416-5219
Email :
artless Inc. Satoko Tanaka TEL : 03-6434-1345
Email :
Title : between art and design
Format : softcover B5 custom size 48P in English and Japanese
Release date : June 17(Friday), 2016
ISBN : 978-4-9907652-4-8
Price : ¥3,780
Art direction : shun kawakami (artless Inc.)
Design : artless Inc.
Publisher : W Inc.
Circulation : limited 500 copies
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川上シュン(アーティスト/コンダクター・オブ・デザイン/artless Inc. 代表)、初の作品集となる『between art and design』を6月17日(金)に刊行いたします。

川上シュンは、ブランディングエージェンシーartless Inc. の代表として、企業ロゴ・アイデンティティ、ウェブ、映像、エキシビション、プロダクト、建築やインテリア、サイネージといった空間演出まで、幅広い活動領域とアートのアプローチを組み合わせた独自の表現を強みとし、国内外のプロジェクトを手がけている一方、独自の作風をもつアーティストとしても活躍しています。


本書は、2012年に東京・表参道のGYREでの展示作品を収めたアートブックです。ひとつのカテゴリーにおさまることなく横断的に思考を遊ばせながら、アートとデザインの要素を織り交ぜたプリミティブな美を感じることができる一冊。まさにアートとデザインの領域を自在に行き交う、川上シュン氏が表現した『between art and design』の世界をお楽しみください。


W Inc. 権守剛 TEL:03-6416-5219
Email :
artless Inc. 田中智子 TEL:03-6434-1345
Email :
タイトル : between art and design
判型 : ソフトカバー B5 変形サイズ 48P 日英併記
発売日 : 2016 年6月17日(金)
ISBN : 978-4-9907652-4-8
価格 : ¥3,780
監修 : shun kawakami (artless Inc.)
デザイン : artless Inc.
発行元 : W Inc.
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shun kawakami



“artless” is an independently owned global branding agency,
based in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.
Founded by Shun Kawakami in
2001. We are focusing on the art & design based advertising and
branding projects, and we are operating in the global marketplace.

Our activities are in the visual communication and the language of
design; Branding & design consulting, logo & identity, graphic, web,
user interface, video, motion graphics, product, installation, interior,
sign design and architecture.

We form a creative team in accordance with each new project. Our
collective brings a new perspective to all projects from our global
network. The team includes creative directors, art directors, graphic
designers, interactive designers, architects, interior designers,
product designers, photographers, fashion stylists, hair and make up
artists, musicians, composers, painters, calligraphers, flower
designers, chef and food directors.

We don’t differentiate between art, design, architecture, digital and
other forms of communication. A diverse challenge extends across
different disciplines, providing us with an experience that broadens
our point of view.

We are based in Tokyo and Kyoto,
but always operate globally.

shun kawakami
founder / conductor of design / artist


the Type Directors Club (New York, US)

the TDC Communication Design Competition:
“Certificate of Typographic Excellence”
Hotel Risveglio Akasaka / original typography, logo,
sign system & graphic design

The Webby Awards (US)

“The 19th Annual Webby Awards” the Websites:
Corporate Communications category.



Satoyama Jujo – artwork
Singapore Design Award 2014

Satoyama Jujo – artwork

DFAA – Design For Asia Award 2013 (Hong Kong) :

[DFA Silver Award]
NANAMIYA – brand Logo & package design
[DFA Bronze Award]
10 TEN
[DFA Award 2013 Merit Winner]
huug 001

The One Show (New York) :
design and paper engineering (Brand Design & Package)

The Tokyo Typo Directors Club 2013
(Tokyo TDC) :



SDA AWARDS 2013 (Japan)
Sign Design Award :

[First Prize] & [Jun Aoki Prize]

DSA Award (Japan)
Japan Design Space Association Award :

[Gold Prize]

iF: International Forum Design Hannover (Germany)
“huug” –
balance of light and shadow [Brand Design & Product Design]

Print &
Packaging Competition :
ISETAN | the stage & show window “bokusho” new year 2011


2011 The Tokyo Type Directors Club

Annual Award 2011 [Nomination]
Package Design for

Display Design Awards 2011

(the Japan Display Design Association)
ISETAN : Show Window “boku-sho”


International Advertising Festival

"GOLD Prize" (Design Lions)
Corporate or Brand Identity /
Broadcast Design & Graphics

Awards 2010 : TV & Cinema Communications

Vuoden Huiput (Best of the Year) :

"Shortlist" (Finland)

NY ADC : Young Gun 7
/ Judge

NY TDC55 - The Type Directors Club
(NY) :
Print [Packaging] (New York)

The Tokyo Type Directors Club

Annual Award 2009

Graphic Design in Japan 2009
Package Design for ISSEY MIYAKE INC.

ADC Young Guns 6
(New York)
Award-winning : The final 50.

London International Awards
The One Show

Book Design Finaist (New York)
“WOW10: art book + DVD”

Tokyo Interactive AD Award

Finalist : GYRE
JCD Design Award 2008 BEST 100

Dual City Sessions 2007
(the Japanese Society of Commercial Space Designers)

Display Design Awards 2008

Selected Work / Dual City Sessions 2007
(the Japan Display Design Association)
* Exhibition Design by upsetters architects


The ADC 86th Annual Awards :

(New York) “null: Exhibition Poster”

Tokyo Interactive AD Award

Finalist, Branding Site
“NTT Communications / Global tips”

The FWA (UK)

“ISSEY MIYAKE INC.: Official Website”
“Wedgwood Japan”

Japan Good Design Award

“Wedgwood Japan”
Applied Japan Typography

“null by artless: Exhibition Poster”
Web Design Annual Japan

“artless Inc.: website”
Adobe Motion Award

Interactive / grand prize

artless Inc. は、 東京と京都を拠点にグローバルに活動する




アートやデザインを「ヴィジュアル・ランゲージ」と捉え、国境や言語 を越え、思考や理念といった「目に見えない概念」を表現する「ビジュアル・コミュニケーション」の姿勢を軸に活動しています。

川上 シュン
founder / conductor of design / artist

client list

Adobe Japan
Audi Japan
Avex Trax
Barneys New York
Beacon Comunication Inc.
Bridgestone Corporation
Bulgari Japan
DDB Japan
Dentsu Inc.
Designtide Tokyo
Fast Retailing Co.,Ltd
Ford Japan
FTC Skateboarding (US)
Guiliano Fujiwara (Italy)
Herman Miller Inc.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
IdN magazine (Hong Kong)
Isetan Mitsukoshi
Issey Miyake Inc.
Japan Graphic Designers Association
JL Design (Taipei)
JVC Entertaiment Networks, Inc.
JWT Japan
Levi Strauss Japan K.K.
L'eclaireur Tokyo
Mackintosh Japan
Mccann Worldgroup Inc.
Mccann Erickson Japan Inc.
Mitsubishi Estate Co.,Ltd.
Musuta Ltd. (Helsinki / Finland)
Nike Japan Corp.
Nikon Corporation
NTT Communications
Orange and Partners Co.,Ltd
RICH magazine

company information

company name
artless Inc.
株式会社 artless

president and ceo
Shun Kawakami

stock information
10,000,000 JPY

year of establishment


scope of works

brand strategy + naming
visual identity

design consulting + research
design guidelines

architecture + interior design

art + installation
artist curation

graphic design
packaging design
application design
web design

photo shooting
styling + hair make

video + motion graphics
sound + music

food direction + consulting

brand communication :
advertising + pr
brand compliance support


Making full use of our global network, we conduct research of
potential markets, both in and out of the country, and start by building
a vision/direction of the brand. Then, by creating a visual image that
includes design tone, logo, typography and image color, we develop
a core philosophy for the brand. We also refine the totality of the
brand image, seeing to specific items and issues such as stationery,
printed material, film production, website and other digital media,
a comprehensive PR consultation that includes advertising, design of
boutiques and shops, as well as interior and signage designs. We
not only enhance brand value of existing brands, but offer our
expertise to new and upcoming brands that are preparing to launch
into the market as well.

visual identity
We offer corporate and brand consulting through design.
Enhancement of corporate value is carried out by recreating the
current visual image which includes design of corporate logo,
selection/production of typography, design formats and color
selection. Our experts will give advice/support to the designing of
office building, its interior, website and various printed material to
forming a comprehensive corporate identity.

advertising + pr
Our talented staff creates advertisements with eloquent and powerful
messages that clearly set our clients apart from their competitors.
Unique advertisements applying our wealth of knowledge and
experience, together with the most advanced digital technology and
innovative ideas, are key to success in any market. Our strength lies in
our ability to link up with other media that open doors to cross-media
promotions and communication with clients. Our creative work
addresses such details as typography, motion graphics and sound,
resulting in advertisements that will make a lasting impression.

architecture + interior + sign design
We design and engage in artistic direction for offices, boutiques, displays
and all types of exterior and interior space. At artless Inc., we collaborate
with architects and interior designers to create a comprehensive design
that covers building structures to details of signage, etc., integrating our
creative direction to achieve a total and feasible image. We have
rendered our services in creating original space for hotels, art museums,
galleries, shops and other commercial facilities as well as for events and

graphic design
Operating in a realm that embraces both art and design, we are capable
of producing a wide variety of graphic designs and engage in the total
direction from editing to publishing. Our printing skills range from
traditional printing techniques, such as letterpress printing and silk
screens, to designs using state-of-the-art printing techniques. We also work
with handwritten designs and manual binding that give a
one-of-a-kind tone and texture, as well as with innovative designs that
overturn common conception of bookbinding.

product design + ui
We create products based on ideas inspired by graphic and interactive
designs. Designs embodying high quality visual images and typography
have resulted in unique products. Digital devices such as cell phones, UI
(User Interface), interior, lighting, clocks/watches, fashion including
shoes/wear/textile, paper and ink with special attention to texture are
among the products that we have experience in producing.

web design
We develop all kinds of websites using avant-garde interface and
interactive designs. Websites as corporate and brand statures play an
increasing vital role in the current marketplace. At artless Inc., using
advanced programming techniques, we promote networking to create an
interactive website that enables client communication. As well as
providing websites of refined creative expressions, we focus on usability,
contents, operation, support for on-line PR/communication and
direction. Our website designs, which have fully spoken for national
institutions, industries and brands, have received numerous awards,
earning global recognition for artless Inc.

Our packaging designs are committed not only to the visual details of
paper, material and texture, but also to how they appeal to the senses
and are received by anyone who actually holds them in their hands.
Needless to say, the designs are carefully made in tune with the brand
image and display environment. Packaging tailored to serve the brand
image is sure to capture the impulse of your clients. We have experience
in designing a wide variety of packaging for fashion products/items, food,
watches, etc.

video + motion graphic
We produce videos with striking and innovative images that are artistic in
nature. The most effective and suitable voice and image is chosen for
each respective media including broadband, TV, Internet, cell phones.
The number of awards including the Cannes International Advertising
Award proves that our visual images are globally understood beyond
language barriers.

We take high-quality photographs and videos for advertisements, printed
material and websites. Visual images are one of the most important
contents that determine the quality of a design. At artless Inc., our
first-class photographers will shoot visual images essential for
high-quality design.

sound + music
In collaboration with artists from many other fields, we design the most
appropriate and inspiring sound for advertisements, movies, websites,
etc. A CD selection by artless Inc. is also available for purchase.

Logical and yet sensitive and inspiring concept writing and copywriting
are among the services we offer. We also edit, rewrite and reorganize
contents to refine existing websites, flyers and advertisement texts.

artless Inc. is always ready for new challenges.
We would love to hear from you, even for categories/projects not
mentioned above. Please contact.



artless Inc.は数多くの建築家やインテリアデザイナーとパートナーシップを結び、建物からインテリア、そして、サインデザイン等のディティールまで一貫したトータルデザインを行っています。建築及びインテリアデザインと、グラフィックデザインを空間で融合させることで隙のないクリエイティブディレクション、そして、ブランドデザインを実現します。ホテル、ミュージアム、店舗やカフェ等の商業施設からイベントやエキシビションなど、個性的な空間演出を手がけています。

アートとデザインの境界を跨ぐビジュアル表現で、様々なグラフィックデザインを行い、編集から印刷まで全体のディレクションを行います。 活版印刷やシルクスクリーンなど古典的な印刷技術から先進の印刷技術を駆使したデザイン、また、ハンドクラフトな独特の風合いを持つデザインから前衛的な斬新なデザインまで、様々なアイディアを用い、オリジナリティのあるデザインを提供します。 タイポグラフィー等のディティールへの拘りと、見た目だけでなく、手にした時の質感までも意識したきめ細やかなデザインは、世界各国の賞を受賞しています。


前衛的なインターフェースデザインとインタラクティブデザインで、各種ウェブサイトの制作を行います。日々重要性を増すウェブサイトは、企業やブランドの顔としてイメージ構築の中心的役割を担っています。artless Inc.は時代に沿ったデザインとプログラミングで、インタラクティブなウェブサイトを提案致します。また、クリエイティブ表現に留まらず、ユーザビリティを考えたサイト構築を行い、コンテンツ制作やウェブサイトの運営、また、オンラインPR/コミュニケーションのコンサルティング、ディレクションまで承ります。

紙、素材、質感など、視覚だけでなく手にとる人の触感まで意識したパッケージデザインを行います。 もちろん、ブランドイメージとの統一感や商品が置かれる環境とのデザイン連動も充分考慮に入れています。明確かつ強烈なブランドイメージを持ち、見た人が思わず手に取りたくなる、そんなパッケージを提案致します。ファッション、食品、時計等、様々なパッケージングをデザインしてきました。


広告や印刷物、ウェブサイトなど、各媒体に掲載する優れた写真や映像を撮影致します。写真やビデオは、デザインのクオリティを左右する重要なコンテンツの一つです。artless Inc.では卓出したフォトグラファーが、クオリティの高いデザインに不可欠な写真やビデオの撮影を行います。

各ジャンルの多様なアーティストとのコラボレーションにより、広告や映像、ウェブサイトなど、各媒体に最適なサウンドを提供致します。またartless Inc.のセレクションCDの販売も行っています。


artless Inc.は常に新しい分野への挑戦を求めています。

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